Head & Neck Case Review 2024-03

Head & Neck Case Review

March, 2024


A 12-year-old female presented with jaw pain and a firm mass involving the mandible. Imaging revealed an expansile lesion centered around the mandibular ramus with uniform and sclerotic density, root resorption, and prominence of involved periodontal ligament spaces. The patient underwent a hemi-mandibulectomy, which revealed a poorly demarcated tan mass surrounding and causing root resorption of the molar teeth. Histologic examination was performed.



1. Which of the following is a common molecular finding associated with this neoplasm?

  • A. SATB2 rearrangement
  • B. MDM2 amplification
  • C. GNAS mutation
  • D. USP6 rearrangement

2. True or False: The mandible is the most common site for this neoplasm.


Melad N. Dababneh, MBBS
head and neck pathology fellow, Cleveland Clinic

Ivan J. Stojanov, DMD
staff pathologist, Cleveland Clinic