Head & Neck Case Review 2023-01

Head & Neck Case Review

January, 2023


A 61-year-old female presents with an enlarging mass along the left angle of the mandible and pre-auricular area. A contrast-enhanced CT scan of the neck shows a heterogeneous, irregular left preauricular mass involving the parotid gland and invading into facial skin.



1. Which of the following immunohistochemical stains is MOST likely to be positive in this carcinoma?

  • A. p40
  • B. Androgen receptor
  • C. S-100 protein
  • D. Estrogen receptor

2. Which of the following is TRUE?

  • A: This carcinoma is most likely to arise in the minor salivary glands.
  • B: This carcinoma only arises as carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma.
  • C: This carcinoma is most common in female patients.
  • D: This carcinoma can show ERBB2 gene amplification.



Stephanie Hart, MD
PGY-1, Department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

James S. Lewis Jr. MD
Associate Director of Surgical Pathology
President, North American Society of Head and Neck Pathology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center