Case Review

Head & Neck Pathology Case Review

Thank you to Mitra Mehrad, MD and team for collecting educational cases to be posted on this website and released on twitter @NASHNPath

Thank you to all who have contributed cases!

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  • Head & Neck Case Review 2021-12
    Head & Neck Case Review December, 2021 History An elderly man presented with a maxillary sinus mass. Physical exam showed softness of the right hard palate and a nasal endoscopy […]
  • Head & Neck Case Review 2021-10
    Head & Neck Case Review October, 2021 History An adult woman with a significant smoking history presented to the emergency department with chronic unilateral otalgia and worsening odynophagia causing decreased […]
  • Head & Neck Case Review 2021-07
    Head & Neck Case Review July, 2021 History A 50-year-old man presents with a 6-month history of a left tongue lesion which was biopsied. Characteristic H&E stained sections and one […]
  • Head & Neck Case Review 2021-06
    Head & Neck Case Review June, 2021 History A 44-year-old woman presented with a 2-month history of right mandibular pain and mild swelling. Recent developments included paresthesia along the lip […]
  • Head & Neck Case Review 2021-04
    Head & Neck Case Review April, 2021 History A 68-year-old African American male presented with a nontender mass under his tongue for 2 weeks. He had dysarthria because of compromised […]